We are in the process of developing a cloud enabled telemetry system

(Optional) Microcontroller with custom sensors collects data and transfers via Bluetooth
GPTiming app collects data from Bluetooth (Optional) and GPS
The app acts as heads up display to show and speak important values to driver
The app performs analysis on the data to help driver improve during the race
The data is stored in files on the phone and is uploaded live to the GPTiming Server
Team members can then view the data live from the GPTiming Data Portal and send the drivers messages to be read aloud.

Remote app configuration, in race communication, data analysis, team management and display customisation has also been developed. 

This service is free of charge. 
The plan being if server maintenance becomes too expensive then to charge for ready made kits or if necessary then to charge for premium features at a later date.

Interested in getting involved? Drop us an email to: info@gptiming.net