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The exact software you use on your microcontroller is completely up to you. Attached at the bottom of this page are some complete source codes for an Arduino - Make sure to match/update the pins to those of your sensors. Immediately below is the specification to work with the GPTiming app if you wish to write your own code. 


The app will request data from the Arduino every 100ms (May change in the future) by sending the request all data command which is simply 'RA'.
When the Arduino receives this is should send the following string via Bluetooth:
Current,Voltage,Amphours,motor RPM,motor Temp, Current target*, PWM Percentage*,Battery 1 Temp, Battery 2 Temp,Wheel RPM[NEWLINE].
*Used for controllers. 
The values should be all be Doubles (or floats). If you are not collecting a certain value just pass a 0.00 between the commas. There should be no spaces between the commas and the values. The string should end with a newline character and should not contain any newline characters anywhere else in the string. See the code at the bottom for an example.