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Remote Configuration

Remote configuration of the GPTiming android app.

Note all values are stored in Cloud JSON database so standard syntax rules apply.
Keys (Case sensitive) and associated values:
-RaceLength: In minutes as a double (Note multiplied by 60000 to get milliseconds before being cast to int)
-NumLaps: Number of laps as integer
-RaceCapacity: Battery capacity in amphours (Or associated unit for energy/fuel consumption as sent from microcontroller) as a double.
-CheckOnStart: Boolean. If set to true then the app will attempt to take the GPS coordinates of the car when it starts the race - This will be set depending on the lap trigger method but by default will wait for the car to travel above 5mph after the 'Press on start' button has been selected. The intended use of this function is that it is used during races where you start on the start line and not from the pits - The set on start button should be pressed when the car is lined up on the start grid and will not move until actually racing. 
IF CheckOnStart is false then the following values are required:
-MaxLat: double representing the maximum latitude of the start line.
-MaxLon: double representing the maximum longitude of the start line. 
This values are intended to represent the top corner of the start line box - this is a virtual box which triggers the app to signal a lap has been completed. The other sides of the box are determined by the tolerance values set in the app. THIS FEATURE IS DESIGNED FOR CARS STARTING FROM THE PITLANE AS THE SET ON START METHOD WILL TRIGGER IN THE PIT AND NOT ON THE TRACK.

-UseVoltageWarning: Boolean. Determines if the app checks for a low voltage and warns the driver if so. 
IF UseVoltageWarning is true then the following value is required:
-VoltageWarningValue: double representing the minimum voltage (Or associated value sent from microcontroller) for when a warning should be displayed. 

lapTimeAim and lapEnergyAim calculated from the above values. 

Try catch used so if a value is missing/misformated then error will be caught and remote config values will not be used - Backup uses custom create config dialogs.