Probation 4 Croft 140716

Results: Jet II, Reprobation, Probation 4. (Rec had wheel failure - lap times clearly show)

Telemetry plot. Comments: New test Arduino code had the voltage calibration variable as an int hence modulation - easy fix. Current troughs are not consistent - driver is not using gears consistently. Current spikes at end need avoiding. Current spike towards start is likely to be caused by changing gear the wrong way. Energy values do not appear to be correct.

GPS PLOT: Unfortunately Probation 4 had to start from the pits due to a battery not being plugged in correctly. Hence the GPS start line was set in the pits and hence no lap times were recorded. Comments: Speed plot shows variation over the race, clearly tried to push towards the end. Drivers line when plotted lap by lap is fairly consistent however as you can see from below some corners have much wider variation than others.

BBK PLOT. Comments: Jet II has very inconsistent lap times for a non geared car - suggests erratic driving of some description. Reprobation was consistent however tried to push at end which is less efficient than carrying more speed throughout. Probation 4 was driving consistently, again tried to push which isnt necessary with use of the app. REC had the fault coming looking from the lap times just before the event.